Kickstarter Campaign Launches For “Rome 2030”, A Space Adventure Game for Mobile at GenCon 2015

Indianapolis, Indiana – July 30, 2015 – IngZ, Inc. ( , an Austin-based mobile game developer announces today the launching of a Kickstarter campaign for “Rome 2030”, an space adventure game for mobile devices. Tony Howlett, IngZ President, who was on hand at the first day of GenCon, the world’s largest gaming convention for the launch said “We had a lot of fan interest and support of our previous games and request for Kickstarter for something similar. We wanted to wait till we had a concept worthy of a crowd sourced campaign and we believe this is it”. The game involves an alternate history where the Roman Empire never collapse but expanded in might and technology till they ruled space. It will offer a rich story line and impressive visuals for an engaging space trading, exploration and conquest game. The game will be the first crowd sourced game that will use a concept called “Democratic Game Design”, where backers and top players will help decide what features to implement in the game. It will also have another unique feature amongst space trading games; a real world cryptocurrency, the AureusCoin, similar to BitCoin for use in key functions within the game. AureusCoin holders at various levels will be part of the Democratic Game Design process as well. This will introduce a cool real world element to the financial transactions and player’s progress within the game. “We believe these two key features along with the original story based on an upcoming novelization will be attractive to gamers.” Mr Howlett says. “We look forward to running a successful Kickstarter campaign and working with the backers and fans to make a really great game”. The Kickstarter Campaign will run till September 1st and the game is expected to be released in late 2016. More information on the game and its Kickstarter Campaign can be found here:
Information on the AureusCoin and Democratic Game Design features can be found here:
A promotional video for the game and campaign can be found here:

Information on the company can be found here:
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