IngZ Launches “Only in Cincinnati”

New edition of touringZ iPhone app offers a unique mobile guide of Cincinnati from local expert Brad Stapleton, owner of Night Shift Limousine

Austin, Texas – June 8, 2012 – IngZ, Inc. (, an Austin-based mobile software development company, today announced the availability of “Only in Cincinnati”, an iPhone app bringing Cincinnati natives and visitors an all-encompassing guide of what to do from local expert Brad Stapleton, owner of Night Shift Limousine. With the new app, users have all the capabilities and content of touringZ as well as new features such as video of key points of interest and the ability to create their own tours. “Only in Cincinnati” also allows users to sort by various criteria such as type of attraction, distance and age and cost ratings. Besides the main city guide that feature the top “must-do” attractions for any first time visitor, the app has in-depth tours that are cued by GPS to truly take a visitor or long time resident on a virtual guided tour.

“When people hire our limo service, they are always asking for suggestions on what to do around Cincinnati,” said Stapleton. “Tapping into the smartphone world is a great way for newcomers and fans to find an activity or restaurant on the go. From the wine trail in Northern Kentucky to the ball parks, Cincinnati has so much to offer.”

IngZ’s touringZ app offers interactive tours that include GPS-triggered audio commentary, photos, video and descriptive text. This creates the illusion that users have their own personal guides accompanying them on their trips. The app points out popular trails, must see attractions, background information, approximate time per activity, side sightings, directions, and how to fill extra time.

The Only in Cincinnati edition of touringZ features over 50 points of interest and 5 in depth tours, but users can add their own POIs and tours via the “create a tour” feature of the app. Users can sort points of interest (POIs) either by categories (bars, live music, trailer park eateries, outdoors, museums, restaurants, pet friendly, etc.), proximity, cost or age group. When the app is downloaded, the map view shows icons representing the various types of POIs scattered across the area, identifying places to go and things to do.

“Brad’s experience and knowledge of Cincinnati has translated into a great hand-held guide to a great city,” said Tony Howlett, founder and president of ingZ, Inc. “The app gives users a lot of options and flexibility, but it’s presented in a way that isn’t overwhelming and helps them drill down to what they’re looking for. What makes the Only in Cincinnati app so useful is that it is designed to easily answer the question, ‘What am I going to do in Cincinnati today?’”

Only in Cincinnati is currently available in the Apple App store.

About ingZ:

IngZ, Inc. is a mobile software development company that was founded to help smartphone users share their knowledge with each other. Based in Austin, Texas, ingZ creates the tools that let local knowledge experts and enthusiasts easily put their knowledge onto smartphones. For more information please visit

Media Contact for ingZ, Inc:

Tony Howlett

President, ingZ, Inc.

About Nightshift Limo:

Night Shift Limousine provides the Greater Cincinnati area with a fun, affordable, unique limousine service. In addition to being the only place where one can rent a hearse, we offer cultural and historic tours of things to do in Cincinnati that are unique to the Queen City. Explore Cincinnati in the vehicle that was first manufactured here.

Media Contact for Nightshift Limo:

Brad Stapleton

(513) 658-5466

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