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Dominoes have been around for a long time, a really long time. They are so old that in Tutankhamen’s tomb a dominoes set was found, and that was from 1350 BC. Now there are hundreds of popular Dominoes games out there, some are simple variations of the basic dominoes rules, others are more complex. Here at IngZ we want to bring you some of the very best variations of Dominoes games directly to your iPhone!

Dominoes 42 3D

The classic Texas dominoes game arrives on the iPhone with the new Dominoes 42 3D!

Dominoes 42 3D lets you play some of the most popular versions of Texas 42 including Nello, Points and Marks, with more on the way!

Dominoes 42 3D is an upgrade of the original Dominoes 42, and aims to bring a challenging multiplayer or single player Texas 42 experience to the iPhone!

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Dominoes 42

Dominoes 42 is the original iPhone game which brought the classic Texas 42 dominoes game tot the iPhone.

With Dominoes 42 you can play Points or Marks against AI players or in multiplayer over a WiFi connection.

Dominoes 42 can help you learn or perfect your 42 skills. If you have never played Dominoes 42 before you may be surprised at just how easy this game is to pick up. Don’t be fooled though, it can take years to master this strategic dominoes game!

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2 Responses to IngZ Dominoes Games

  1. yaya says:

    how to bet LOW on this game It won’t let us bet Low is there a way to fix this thank you

    • Harlan says:

      The NELO feature is not included in the current version. We hope to add it to a future update.

      Thanks for playing!

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