Dominos 42

Sign UpDominos 42 3D brings back the traditional game of Texas 42 with a full 3D iPhone game. A Simple interface makes it easy to place your bets and beat your friends, family or the computer. With a wide range of game types to choose from, including ‘Nello’ and ‘Points and Marks’ you can play the version of Dominos 42 That you want to play!

Dominos 42 3D

Dominos 42 3D in Action!

Dominos 42 3D improves on the original Dominos 42 game with more than just 3D graphics. Dominos 42 3D also brings more gameplay options, improved betting, and an all new AI system, which we will be constantly improving with the help of or players!

Taking the Dominoes 42 game to the iPhone was a challenge we were keen to embrace. We took all the elements of a game which we grew up playing here in Texas and brought all the elements of this addictive poker like Dominos game to the Dominos 42 3D App!

If you have never played Texas 42, but enjoy card games such as hearts, spades, or euchre then this game will be and alternative you may fall in love with!

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