Traveller-AR Announcement

IngZ Inc will be creating the upcoming Traveller-AR MMORPG for the iPhone and iPad based on the original Traveller RPG Series. This move will take the original game which has survived over three decades and will move it in to the more modern setting of the fresh Mobile MMO market.

Traveller-AR will closely follow the original tabletop RPG to the extent that the original books can be used in some respect to help you navigate the huge in game explore-able universe. There will be several different modes available, including the strategic hex mode map (which classic Traveller fans will remember fondly), 3D 1st person in space, and even an Augmented reality mode, allowing you to interact with other players and NPC ships, planets and more as they hover over the Earth’s Horizon.

Traveller-AR will be one of the first few real MMORPG apps to appear for the iPhone and iPad. On top of this it is currently the only full 3D spaceship MMORPG for these platforms.

Traveller-AR will be about more than just fighting in space. As with the the original Traveller series and PC based MMO games such as EVE Online®, Traveller-AR will delve much deeper in to the available aspects of gameplay. People will be able to choose from basic character and ship types which will be geared towards professions such as trading, scouting, exploring and fighting, however future releases will make much more use out of the character roles available within Traveller-AR (I.e. scientist).

One thing that makes Traveller-AR unique in the gaming world is that it has a huge game environment, currently planned to be around 130,000 star systems and 1.3 million planets and space stations. This massive gaming universe means that you really will be exploring uncharted territories, playing in a world larger than nearly any other space game many times over!

The release of Traveller-AR is set for Summer 2011, with a closed Beta expected at the end of May, and an open beta following when the game is in a playable state. You can register for the beta at

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