A New Ingz-Inc Site, for a company on the rise!

We are delighted to announce our new site is LIVE! It’s all running in wordpress now, so that means more frequent updates and much more content. This Blog will describe and keep up to date investors and other interested parties as to the companies progress and other happenings at Ingz.

Ingz, Inc, is a mobile technology company who is building not only great apps (and content) like a traditional Mobile developer/publisher, but also great technology platforms from which to launch MULTILPLE successes of the same/similar nature in the future.

Currently, our 3 main platforms are:
1. an amazing GPS system for Guided Tours, that we can roll out in hours, not months… for any given city. Check out our work on the 365 Austin Things to Do app.
2. a mobile MMO platform that lets us build MMORPG’s such as our upcoming Traveller AR iPhone MMORPG.
3. a simple Dominos platform, that lets us make Dominoes games very quickly.

Hang out here for more company updates and information on the progress of our platforms and company!

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