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Dominos 42 Poem from Rep. Erwin Cain

Have you read the “Poem” that Rep. Erwin Cain wrote for the Texas House when it approved 42 as the Official State Game of Texas? In a little town of Garner On the windy West Texas plains It was common … Continue reading

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IngZ Next Dominos Game

We’re working on our next Dominos game…. it involves a Train.. can you guess what it is?

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Ingz, Inc.: Specializing in Augmented Reality

How many companies are specializing in Augmented Reality? The number is staggeringly small, despite the fact that modern cellphone and internet infrastructure exists to make Augmented Reality a reality. Ingz, Inc. is one of the few companies that are focused … Continue reading

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Building Anticipation: An iPhone/iPad Game Launch Strategy.

As you know, Ingz, Inc. makes powerful mobile applications that leverage our intense data systems. What you might not know is that as talented as our engineers are at making real-time data intense mobile apps (such as online games and … Continue reading

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A New Ingz-Inc Site, for a company on the rise!

We are delighted to announce our new site is LIVE! It’s all running in wordpress now, so that means more frequent updates and much more content. This Blog will describe and keep up to date investors and other interested parties … Continue reading

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